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We provide business research services to corporations, management
consulting firms, private equity firms, venture capital firms and others.
We can assist the client in identifying & managing customer/ vendor
relationship, build business plans, estimating the market size,
analyzing the competitive landscape, demand-supply overreach,
mapping regulatory compliance issues, due diligence, mergers &
acquisitions or feasibility studies. Our robust processes and qualified
team ensures consistently high quality report and an exhaustive
information base on industries and businesses. We have a proven
track record of delivering unbiased, accurate & reliable analysis and

Our list of business research services include:

Business Analysis- Report on individual businesses that allows you
to "know before you deal". Information on competitors, customers or
vendors. To know more about the Business Analysis report
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Business Owner report- Individual credit bureau reports provide you
limited information on personal dealings. IBD business owner reports
provides business linkages, ownership and financial performance of
the businesses. To know more about the Business Owner report
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Business Plan Development- Detailed business plan including
financial and operating model that can help you plan resources and
raise funds for new business/expansion, merged or acquired
businesses or joint ventures.

- Identifying alliance partner required to execute the market strategy
- Assessment of attractiveness, risks and cost-effectiveness
- Preparation of time schedules
- Creation and implementation of the new management structure
- New operational processes and reporting procedures
- Creation of new information flow scheme

Feasibility Studies- Evaluation of business viability of launching new
products and/or venturing into new geographies

Market Research & Sizing- Evaluation of product or service attributes,
acceptance levels, customer preferences, etc. Estimation of market
size. Market survey based on client specifications. The team would
provide data analytic solutions in forecasting business trends,
assessing customer response and establishing market dynamics.

Competition Analysis- Evaluation of competitive strength, key trends in
the market, key success factors for the company etc

Industry Analysis- Detailed insights into new sectors, covers short
term and long term business dynamics, key players, price forecasts,
cost structures, project economics, policy analysis, labour issues,
demand-supply analysis, supply forecasting trends and other related

Target Identification/Screening- Screening and profiling for M&A
targets, vendor short listing and/or geography selection

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India Business Database .com
India Business Database .com

In our valuation services practice
we assist startups in establishing
fair market value and tax
compliance in accordance to IRC
409A. We provide business
valuations for transactions relating
to merger & acquisitions or assets
valuations in case of transfer/ sale
of assets. Our experienced team
employs multiple tools to justify
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