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Engagement Model:

We follow different delivery models
to suit the client's needs:

Outsource team on project basis
to take advantage of knowledge
bank without committing to long
term engagement.

Contract a dedicated team to take
advantage of continuity in
operations and faster learning of
client need by the analysts.

Extended model of the dedicated
team where the client can Build
their processes, Operate through
our team and subsequently
Transfer the team to its own
establishment after critical mass
is achieved.
Our services have been recognized and endorsed by conglomerates
like State Bank of India, Mineral & Metal Trading Corporation of India
(MMTC), Dun & Bradstreet India, Housing & Urban Development
Corporation of India (HUDCO), Experian, Mitsui & Co, Bank of
Tokyo-Mitsubishi, Mitsubishi Corporation, Marubeni India, IMRB,
Luthra & Luthra (Law Offices), Teijin Chemical, DIMTS, IES Abroad,
among others

Our service offering can provide significant support to global
investment banks, brokerages, independent research providers, PE
and VC firms, law firms, management consulting firms, corporations,
global trading companies, government agencies, start up businesses
among others.

We have broadly categorized our practices into business research,
valuation services, risk management and outsourcing of report writing.
We support our clients in identifying & managing customer/ vendor
relationship, build business plans, estimating the market size,
analyzing the competitive landscape, demand-supply overreach or
mapping regulatory compliance issues.

Further our services are customized to provide value to the customer
as per their requirements. For corporations and global trading
companies, we provide business research for strategic planning,
business development, etc or in the case of mergers and acquisition
we support through our risk management practice. Similarly in the
case of start up businesses we provide valuation services to help in
determining investable value or for the purpose of compliance.

VC/PE firms and consulting and research firms have requirement for
business analysis, Business owner report, business plan
development, feasibility studies, transaction due diligence, market
research and sizing, competition analysis and industry analysis.

Please read the individual pages on corporations, consulting &
research firms, venture capital/ private equity firms and start up
businesses for understanding the functional support we provide to
every sector.

If you want to know more about our services or to request for a sample
report or to engage us for any assignment, please
click here!!.

IBD Value Proposition
Value Proposition: