To support our client operations we offer multiple delivery approaches.
A client may want a dedicated team of analysts to work on an on-going
project or may outsource team on an ad-hoc project basis. There are
clients who want to train and develop a future team as and when the
critical mass is achieved. We work as per their need.

Further our engagement models have pricing options, fixed price
quote or time & material pricing quote.

Outsource team on Project basis:
You can outsource our team of analysts on a project to project basis.
The team will work on a well defined scope of activities and the key
results that need to be achieved. This model will ensure that the
clients can access our knowledge bank without committing any long
term engagement. The flip side of such an engagement is that the
same team of analysts may not be available for future contracts.

Dedicated team:
To circumvent the above mentioned challenge, the team of analysts
may be retained, off-shore or on-shore, to execute on-going projects.
The value driver for the client is that they can maintain continuity of
operating staff without the liability of employing them. Additionally the
team of analysts can quickly adapt to client processes for long term

Clients signed for a dedicated team model may prefer to employing
the team as and when critical mass is achieved in the processes. The
client can Build processes, Operate through our dedicated team of
analysts and finally have the team Transferred to its establishment on
a Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model. We undertake the
responsibility of building an exclusive team of analysts, provide
management, infrastructure and training support till transfer is
effected. We provide the stepping stones to scale up operations.

We are open to other engagement options that will suit the client's
need. If you want to engage us for an assignment, please
click here to
discuss it.
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Network to collect primary
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Scalable data processing centre
having all back up facilties.

Easy to read reports based on
templates that have been
developed and improved upon
through years of experience.

Risk scoring on proprietary risk
assessment model that quantifies
financial and non financial

Robust processes to check for
accuracy of information gathered,
protection of information stored
and privacy of reporting.