We have a well established information collection network that has
qualified data collectors. Data collectors are accounting firms that are
registered entities having expert financial knowledge, local presence
and networking capabilities. Globally we are connected to all
established databases.

We sensitize our information sources that provide for robust, impartial,
accurate and live references. Additionally, in the case of developing
economies, our information networking partners carry out on-site
visits, management meetings and telephone contacts with business
owners and managers. Businesses are provided with a customized
questionnaire” to check for accuracy of information that has been
collected through third party sources.
Reporting Formats:
We customize solutions to meet every client's critical need, to address
their issues. We also provide business research in standardized
formats that can be easily integrated into the decision making system.

Our report templates have been designed to suit the clients
requirements through close interaction, deep knowledge of the
industry and years of working experience in the line of business.
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Engagement Model:

Multiple delivery approaches to
suit the client's need;

Outsource team on project basis
to take advantage of knowledge
bank without committing to long
term engagement.

Contract a dedicated team to take
advantage of continuity in
operations and faster learning of
client need by the analysts.

Extended model of the dedicated
team where the client can Build
their processes, Operate through
our team and subsequently
Transfer the team to its own
establishment after critical mass
is achieved.
Data Centre:
We have a scalable data centre that is situated in the Indian National
Capital Region. The centre is spread over a large area and has all
back up facilities.
Data Protection & Privacy Policies:
We strictly adhere to our “Privacy of Information” policies. We have
developed Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for collection,
processing, recording, preservation, sharing and usage of information

Another aspect of our operating standards is our drive to secure
information assets. We provide security of data by auditing for data
accuracy, completeness, protection against any loss, unauthorised
access or use or disclosure.
Scoring Model:
We use multiple models that either assess credit risk or determine
business value. Our risk scoring model accounts for financial and non
financial information, maps its to competitive data and provides due
weights to alternate scenarios. Over the years we have created a
number of business records that have become the knowledge edifice
of the model. For valuation reports we apply income, cost or market
approach to determine price.