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IBD has the capability to service a variety of business research
requirements of corporations, management consulting firms, private
equity firms, venture capital firms and others. We can assist the
in identifying & managing customer/ vendor relationship, build
business plans, estimating the market size, analyzing the competitive
landscape, demand-supply overreach or mapping regulatory
compliance issues. Our experienced analysts and researchers bring
to the table deep domain knowledge and help in creating actionable
research. As part of our business research, we provide business
analysis reports that are based on templates that have been
developed through experience gained over the years. We have
structured processes and created proprietary tools. We provide
research for all sizes of business and for all stages of business life of
an enterprise - micro to large enterprises; start-up stage to mature

In our valuation services practice we assist startups in establishing
fair market value and tax compliance in accordance to IRC 409A. We
provide business valuations for transactions relating to merger &
acquisitions or assets valuations in case of transfer/ sale of assets.
Our experienced team employs multiple tools to justify valuations.


Our team of experts manage client's business risk through a
combination of offerings of corporate intelligence and solutions for
functional verticals. We gather business-critical information on clients'
current and prospective business partners to help them reduce risk,
enter new markets, solve corporate problems, aid in investigations
and enhance business opportunities. We provide solutions to extend
geographies for marketing or for sourcing network.

We outsource our team of trained analysts to write reports  in order to
make the research meaningful and presentable. Our reports would
include data tables, pivot tables, charts and presentation that suits the
client's specifications.
Our well-defined processes bring about the desired results to achieve
client's defined KRAs. Our process includes

- Collection of data through qualified data collectors
- Filtering data to eliminate redundancy and improve objectivity
- Mapping of data to predefined criterion
- Data analysis by experienced and knowledgeable analysts
- Primary contact for accuracy & result management
- Clearly defined reporting to achieve the defined Key Result Areas
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Reliable & High Quality
We bring about cost
consciousness without
compromising on quality in the
professional level of services.

Our analytical capabilities are
derived from our long experience
and dynamic team of researchers.

We research and report on all
types of businesses, unregistered
enterprises to large corporations
and covering all geographies.

We maintain the highest
standards of reporting. Our data
protection practices provide
security of the data in the process
of collection and dissemination
thus ensuring reliability.

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