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Report writing:

We outsource our team of trained analysts to write reports  in order to
make the research meaningful and presentable. We present in-depth
analysis that aids in interpreting the raw data. Our reports would
include data tables, pivot tables, charts and presentation that suits the
client's specifications. They can be presented in various formats such
as PowerPoint, PDF, Word or XML.

Our writers are experienced, skilled and qualified. The writers also
possess knowledge pertaining to the industry as well as the
concerned domain. Their in-depth knowledge and understanding
related to the content results in superior-quality output.

We write all types of reports

Business research reports.......
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Valuation  reports....... Request a sample

Business risk assessment reports.... Request a sample

What you get by outsourcing our team?

- Qualified report writers with deep domain knowledge
- Direct interaction with the team to control the flow and time lines of      
  the project
- Accuracy of reporting based on our internal process to audit
- Presentation to convey information objectively, correctly & sensibly
- Objective
- Cost effective solution where your research team's time will be             
  optimized for driving higher value

Business support:

We provide Business support services that aid our clients to smoothly
carry out their business. List of support services include bookkeeping
services, statutory/ compliance filings and payroll services.

Book keeping- Remote or on-site data entry/ Maintenance & filing of
financial records/ Preparation of financial statements/ Forecasting &

Statutory filings- E-filing of income tax return/ E-filing of excise return,
service tax return, VAT return/ Maintaining of all excisable record
regarding CENVAT credit and Input tax credit/ Filing of SAD refund
application to relevant custom port as per notification No.102/2007/
Filing of excise refund application in respect of input used in quantity of
export sale

Payroll services- Setting up payroll accounts/ Preparation of monthly
payroll/ Statutory employee deductions/ Withholding taxes.

To engage us for this service or to view any available sample report or
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Business Research:
We can assist the client in
identifying & managing customer/
vendor relationship, build
business plans, estimating the
market size, analyzing the
competitive landscape,
demand-supply overreach or
mapping regulatory compliance
issues. Our experienced analysts
and researchers bring to the table
deep domain knowledge and help
in creating actionable research. As
part of our business research, we
provide business analysis reports
that are based on templates that
have been developed through
experience gained over the years.
We have structured processes
and created proprietary tools. We
provide research for all sizes of
business and for all stages of
business life of an enterprise -
micro to large enterprises; start-up
stage to mature businesses
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