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Our team of experts manage client business risk through a
combination of offerings of corporate intelligence and solutions for
current and prospective business partners to help them reduce risk,
enter new markets, solve corporate problems, aid in investigations
and enhance business opportunities. We provide solutions to extend
geographies for marketing or for sourcing network .

Corporate Intelligence- We specialize in the search, collection and
analysis of information from both public and confidential sources. Our
experts with background in forensic accounting combine years of
practical experience in information collection with robust quality
assurance procedures. Our experienced team is deeply networked in
the industry to assimilate valuable insights. We provide deep analysis
of company financial statements to identify anomalies and potential

Our Corporate Intelligence services are important in markets where
information can be difficult to obtain and where business risks can be

Due Diligence services- Corporate Intelligence complements
financial due diligence to provide a bird's eye view of the target
business health.

In-depth transaction scrutiny on the business or the group of
businesses. Our team of experts from different disciplines cover
financial diligence, operational aspects, sectoral analysis,
understanding of technologies, logistics and corporate strategy.

The team assists in planning for investments, strategic partnerships,
mergers & acquisitions or for enhancing organizational effectiveness
in an existing business unit or portfolio company. Identifying potential
partners for projects based on variables such as financial
performance, trade positioning, regional/ national presence or
sectoral dominance.

Projects are customized based on client needs. Due diligence
services range from initial validation of targets to detailed on-site due
diligence visits to the preparation of complete integration plans.
Management consulting services, aimed at enhancing organizational
effectiveness, are typically intensive studies that identify cost-saving
opportunities and define appropriate actionable go-forward plans.
Strict confidentiality is maintained for all engagements.

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Report Writing:

We outsource our team of trained
analysts to write reports  in order
to make the research meaningful
and presentable. Our reports
would include data tables, pivot
tables, charts and presentation
that suits the client's specifications.
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