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Corporations are under intense
pressure to efficiently manage
existing resources, create new
avenues, improve stakeholder
relations and maximize returns for
shareholders. We help them with
Business development through
target screening, managing credit
by creating business profiles,
mapping competitive activity, help
with tax compliance, assist in M& A
transactions and much.....

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Some of the biggest challenges faced by a start up are poor planning,
limited management skill to execute different roles, finding new
customers and most importantly the lack of insight into the mistakes
made other startups. These are some issues, there are more like
compliance, correct valuations....

We address these challenges:
Business research
Business plan
Expert modeling
based on key
deliverables and
resources available.
Meeting the standards
of investors.
Market research
Research on products
and sectors. Market
sizing, developments,
regulatory, competitor
analysis, etc
Competitor reports
developments, client
acquisitions, etc
Tax compliance
IRC 409A valuations,
Stock Options
Business valuations
Fair value of business
and valuation of
intangible Assets