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We have formed an informal network with this boutique professional
services firm that was established in 1984 and provides Audit,
Accounting, Tax planning and Transaction assurance.

List of services include:

Audit: To meet stake holder’s expectations to provide completeness
and accuracy of the information contained in the financial statements
of businesses. We also employ internal audit as a tool to conduct
Fraud Examinations.

Accounting: Carrying out complex financial accounting issues relating
to valuations, pensions and share plans, listings, corporate treasury
and company secretarial functions.

XBRL reporting implementation: Accurate Tagging and Filing of
financial reports to meet regulatory requirement.

Regulatory Compliance: To comply with international standards of
Corporate Governance and Reporting for achieving business
objectives and risk management strategies.

Indirect & Direct Tax Advisory: Provide specialized knowledge to
reduce tax risks and for meeting compliance obligations.

Transfer Pricing: Complying with regulations for inter-company, inter-
unit and across border transfer of goods or services.

Controls & System Assurance: Designing and implementing internal
control systems and procedures to mitigate risks and achieve
business objectives.

Transaction assurance: Provide assistance in meeting strategic goals
by identifying and evaluating businesses for Merger & Acquisition
opportunities. Assisting in the execution of the deal and concluding the

Business Consulting: Strategic and financial consulting to achieve
business objectives such as improving capital efficiency,
diversification, system implementation and others.

Forensic accounting: Combining forensic techniques with accounting
expertise for managing risk and identifying fraud.

Doing Business in India: Setting up domestic company and/or office.
We provide assistance in the process of registration, licenses and
other regulatory approvals.

IFRS implementation: Setting up adoption policy, designing internal
controls and processes, sorting out technology and organisational
issues and implementation.
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