In our valuation services practice we assist startups in establishing
fair market value and tax compliance in accordance to IRC 409A. We
provide business valuations for transactions relating to merger &
acquisitions or assets valuations in case of transfer/ sale of assets.
Our experienced team employs multiple tools to justify valuations.
Our bouquet of valuation services include IRC 409A Valuation, FAS
123R Valuation, FAS 141 and FAS 142 Valuation or Fairness
Opinions. Valuations is all about understanding the stage of
development, benchmarking against industry standards and having
deep sectoral knowledge. Our research team is experienced and
employs appropriate valuation techniques to arrive at justified

Our list of valuation services include:

IRC 409A Valuations, Valuation & Expensing of Stock Options.
Valuations done on the basis of financial statements, business plans,
financial projections, shareholder agreements, product descriptions.

Fair Value of Investments in Illiquid Companies. Equity holdings in
unlisted entities, start ups and other illiquid assets, difficult to value, by
using market-based prices and other observable market data

Valuation of Intangible Assets (FAS 141 & FAS 142).

Fairness Opinions

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Risk Management:

Our team of experts manage client
business risk through a
combination of offerings of
corporate intelligence and
solutions for functional verticals.
We gather business-critical
information on clients' current and
prospective business partners to
help them reduce risk, enter new
markets, solve corporate
problems, aid in investigations
and enhance business
opportunities. We provide
solutions to extend geographies
for marketing or for sourcing
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