Business Information

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Business Information Reports are a solid source of information that can help you perform critical analysis of a business operations, profitability and stability. Designed to help you evaluate your medium-to-higher risk decisions, the report contains in-depth information that can include: risk evaluation, trade performance data and financial statements data. The Business Information Reports help you make daily credit decisions, analyze the financial strength of a company, discover business opportunities and carry out business & financial research conveniently Global business credit reports in partnership with Creditreform group

Trust IBD for quality business information reports

Easy to read
'Accurate' business information
'In-depth' information
Lowest prices
'Timely' delivery (best in its category)
Special offers
'Intelligent' business risk scores & credit limits
Periodic updates for deterioration alerts (-ive info)
Detailed credit status information to help you choose the right business partners
Global deliverability and standardized, uniformly structured reports
Highest standards of quality due to standardized assessment processes and commissionable research
Direct online access