Business Owners

Business Owner report combines in-depth search of public resources and IBD’s expertise in database linkages on the subject thus providing the customers with intelligent and current information. The report will provide you with:

  • Background
  • Family linkages
  • Business linkages
  • Legal history
  • Reported Net worth
  • Risk assessment

As the case maybe, every business transaction, be it extending trade credit or a business merger, requires a closer understanding of the business owners. Smart Business Owner report provides you all the information to take informed decisions.

  • Background:
    Names and addresses for the proprietor, the business and any other employment
  • Family linkages:
    Relationship with other business owners
  • Business linkages:
    Information on group and associate businesses
  • Risk assessment:
    Asset ownership, litigation history and general credit profile

Our solution will provide greater confidence to deal. It will help you to:

  • Decide Whom You Can Trust To Do Business
    Providing in-depth, accurate and current information
  • Identify Increased Financial Leveraging By Business Owners
    Multiple businesses to increase borrowing thus increasing risk
  • Expand Your Small Business Customer Base
    Greater information on Small Businesses and its Owners
  • Identify Contingent And Non Reported Liabilities
    Loss making businesses were business owners have provided guarantees