Competition Analysis

Evaluation of competitive strength, key trends in the market, defining success factors for the business, etc

Competition Analysis is based on the comparison of the subject with the direct competitors offering product and services with similar Harmonized Coding (HS Code). The selected businesses are similar in operation and market position, whether they are medium size or even small operating size. The results of the comparative analysis are more reliable since sizing of similar business is derived through statistical sampling of our large information database.

The calculation of the standard business indicators of the selected subject is based on the figures in the corresponding financial statement. The figures of the selected businesses are compared with each other and the industry average.

The analyses inform you about the most important liquidity, profitability, asset utilization and liabilities figures, operating capacities, proximity to source of raw material as well as the structure of income utilization and the ratios of balance sheet items relative to totals.

We support in detecting competitive advantages and disadvantages, and to identify sources of profitability which is a major benefit when making strategic decisions or selection and assessment of customers/suppliers.

The result is reproduced through clearly defined reports with graphical presentations

  • Statistical sampling of target group
  • Key Indicators
  • User friendly formats