Consulting - Research

Market Research & Sizing

Evaluation of product or service attributes, acceptance levels, customer preferences, market dynamics; estimation of market size; qualitative and quantitative consumer surveys for assessing preferences and trends; data modeling and analytic solutions for forecasting.

Industry Reports

Detailed insights into new sectors, covers short term and long term business dynamics, key players, price forecasts, cost structures, project economics, policy analysis, labour issues, demand-supply analysis, supply forecasting trends and other related issues

Business Intelligence

Search, collection and analysis of information from both public and private sources; employing techniques of forensic accounting to assimilate valuable insight.

i. Where invested businesses or potential acquisition targets need to be assessed without the assistance of the counter party;
ii. Where deep analysis of company financial statements is required to identify anomalies and potential opportunities;
iii. Where decision making is required in markets where information can be difficult to obtain and where business risks can be large.