Database Re~search

With a large database of information on medium & small enterprises that have regional presence and map across all industry segments, we assist our clients to build focused business lists, expand markets, analyzing the competitive landscape, demand-supply overreach or finding out more about their business partners. Our various database offerings include:

  • Business Owner

    The Business Owner report provides critical information on background, family & business linkages, legal case findings and reported net worth of the individual. The report assists the client in understanding their potential partner
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  • Business Lists

    We build and provide to our customer, business lists on multiple actionable criterion. These parameters include financial measures like sales or non-financial filters like employee strength. There are value-add filters like businesses with CSR responsibility or businesses focusing on certain export markets.
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  • Competition Analysis

    Know your competition and in greater detail. Competition analysis report provides the customer with insight into the latest development with competition, their competitive strength, key trends in the market, other defining factors for the businesses, etc
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  • Vendor Portfolio

    Vendor portfolio evaluation helps a customer in rationalizing spend, understanding supplier profile, leveraging advance information for negotiations, mitigating risk, and most importantly planning for business continuity to address all stakeholders.
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  • Trade Credit Limit Monitoring

    We help you set up credit limits for your customers and then monitor the credit risk on a dynamic basis. We support your credit function with business deterioration alerts that help you managing your credit decisions more easily.
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