Vendor Portfolio Evaluation

Vendor evaluation supports in rationalizing spend, understanding supplier profile, leveraging advance information for negotiations, mitigating risk, and most importantly planning for business continuity to address all stakeholders.

Vendor Portfolio Evaluation is a solution to monitor, control and manage suppliers and procurement. Our solution can help you:

  • See how much you spend, sector-wise & vendor-wise
  • Identify vendors who are mission-critical
  • Know the financial position of the vendors
  • Report on capacities
  • Identify business linkages to negotiate prices
  • Monitor & alert on business deterioration

  • Vendor Portfolio Evaluation delivers comprehensive analysis and aportfolio

Risk Analysis
Breakdown the overall risk structure and the common characteristics of the vendor portfolio based on criteria such as business size, business age, legal form, geographic location and predictive risk score.
Outlook & Dependency
Report on the risk associated with each vendor, project for possible financial difficulties and identify suppliers having high dependency on your business.
Identify linkages of vendor businesses in order to allocate total spend with a group, negotiate prices and identify potential business opportunities within the same group.
Portfolio Evaluation
We provide a summarised view of the vendor portfolio by risk, dependency and linkages.