We are redefining the business information landscape by reporting on all kind of business enterprises and making it available to ALL!!
Challenges faced by any business are finding new credible customers, monitoring credit exposure on a regular basis, planning& understanding competitive environment, defining market dynamics correctly, evaluating opportunities, and knowing about the operational & financial condition of vendors to reduce possibility of disruption in business continuity. These are some issues but there may be many more....

We support you in addressing these challenges through clearly defined services and innovative solutions:

Business Information Reports

Smart Report ©                        is a leading Business Information brand since 1998 and provides information on all types of businesses (Small, Medium and even Large). We are the only business information provider that has an automated process to capture, store and deliver reports. Much to our customers delight, we provide these reports at a fraction of the competitor’s price .
Further IBD has in partnership with the USD 700mn Creditreform group has introduced Global Business Credit reports from more than 190 countries.

What's included?

Business Summary, History, Special Events, Government &
   Operations Data
Financial Statements
Public Record Filings
Credit Limit Recommendation
Smart Score
Legal filings

Database Re~search

Having a large database of information on businesses of all types, sizes, regionally distributed, from dispersed industry verticals, IBD can provide you deeper knowledge to build targeted business lists, understand competitive landscape, manage trade credit portfolio or provide support to vendor financing programs. We are one stop shop to mitigate risk and to build markets.


Our teams of dedicated and experienced analysts support clients through customized Business Intelligence, Market Research and Customized studies.